Travel Planning? Currency Exchange? Here’s How Not to Get Ripped Off

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haven’t any text to check? haven’t any text to check? Click “Select Samples”.If you’re coming up with on performing some International travel, you’ll be sweet-faced with changing greenbacks to the native currency. I’m planning to show you some traps and pitfalls you’ll encounter, then I’ll provide you with a couple of useful tips that would build your travel go terribly swimmingly.

When I initial started traveling, it absolutely was forever a trouble to travel to my bank a month approximately before departure and obtain a bundle of money reborn to my destination’s native currency. the choice was to convert a couple of hundred greenbacks at the landing field “Foreign Exchange” booths. I came to search out that it absolutely was not solely dangerous to hold giant blocks of money, it absolutely was conjointly surplus.

Along the manner, I discovered that urban center didn’t have a lock on “One-Armed Bandits”!

Scam Artists

I can’t emphasize an excessive amount of that the globe out there’s prepared, willing, and ready to scam you fiercely. cash scams abound. Some square measure right there in plain sight.

Let’s speak initially regarding the “uncommon scams”.

You’re traveling through, say, a park close to the Louvre in Paris, once somebody comes up to you with a tale in broken English and a bundle of native money. He/she desires greenbacks for ‘something’ and he/she’s willing to grant you an amazing rate of exchange to induce it. You bite. cash changes hands. They leave. You open the bundle and Surprise!!! It’s a stack of newspaper with a true bill on the highest and bottom.



The second ‘legitimate scam’ is waiting on the corner for you: it’s a complete ATM machine. it would even say “Friendly Bank-O-Mat”. Believe me, friends, it’s something however. The hidden fees that tiny darlin’ can extract can build bonny and Clyde proud! Don’t do it!!!

Currency Exchange

The third, that is additional of a heist than a scam, in my book, is that the “Foreign Currency Exchanges” places. They’re legitimate businesses, however since they’re businesses, they ought to charge a fee for his or her services. even supposing they assert “No commission,” they’re still actuation cash from your pocket.

Bank ATM

My suggestion? visit a bank ATM. it’ll price you regarding third to require cash from the bank ATM. the great news is that the ATM operates at the present official rate of exchange, and since it’s a bank, its fees square measure regulated. discuss with your home bank to search out out that banking image to seem for. In my case, my bank may be a member of Interbank, therefore I take advantage of ATMs that show the Interbank image. I do know the fees square measure mounted, fair, and therefore the rate of exchange is that the best I will get.

How to notice Banks

Before I travel, I take advantage of Google Maps to seem at my destination town. I find my building, then I take advantage of Google’s “Bank” filter to find and build a listing of all banks near my building. On the day I arrive, I raise the hotel clerk wherever the closest bank is. If it matches one my list, we’re off to the bank!

Other concerns

I have found that in spite of wherever I travel, I will forever purchase a taxi ride from the landing field to my building with greenbacks. therefore I carry a marginal quantity of greenbacks. (I’ll want a couple of greenbacks once we go back to to the States to buy taxis and different transportation).

Norm Huffnagle enjoys traveling nearly the maximum amount as he enjoys writing regarding traveling. From Beijing to capital of Portugal, Norm and his family square measure forever craving for new adventures, new sights, new experiences, new restaurants! on the manner, they need discovered strategies and techniques that have created their visits additional pleasurable and nearly hassle-free. this text on “Money Exchanges” is one among them.

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